Keeping the distance


Keeping the distance



There comes a time, when we all have to leave our homes and move to a different city to study or work. It’s called growing up. It’s tough, because we cannot meet with people we love whenever we want. That’s why internet is so helpful these days. We can chat with our family and friends via skype using our skype headsets and video cameras of course. Of course skype is not the only program which provides communication with other people.



It’s very common way of communication with other people. People have been using it for years and it’s still on top. Many companies use it as a perfect way of business communication between partners due to “Skype for Business” option, which is perfect for every business. Skype headsets are very important, because we all want the best possible quality during long and important calls. It is just a must.



We all know this app. Most of us use it every single day. It’s connected with Facebook, so we can communicate with every friend from our list of friends. We use it mostly on our mobile phones, but we can use it on PC too. All we need is good internet connection and skype headsets. It’s not much and it let us communicate with our family and friends whenever we want. In addition it’s free, so it’s excellent choice for everyone.



It’s not well-known platform. At least not outside community of gamers. Almost every gamer knows it and uses it daily. Discord is light, free and very easy to use application. You can create channels and rooms for multiple users that can communicate with each other at the same time. All we need is good microphone attached to skype headsets. Auto-detection of voice is perfect solution for people who play games and talk at the same time, because discord automatically turns sound down for you just to hear everything that people say.



This communicator is getting more and more users every month. It’s becoming very popular. Most of people use it on their phones, but we can use it on PC too. It’s great way to chat with our beloved ones. We can meet there new people and make new friends. In addition it’s good way not to get caught by a girlfriend when you chat with your friends about some good drunk party.



This app is only for mobile phones and it’s mostly being used for sending photos and short movies, but creator provided a possibility for video chat and phone chat with friends from our list of friends. We don’t really need another devices to use it, but of course skype headsets improve quality of call. The only devise we need is phone with internet connection.


As we se there’s a lot of apps that let us communicate with our friends and family and we can choose every app we want. It depends what we really need. If we play games with our friends very often it’s good to choose Discord or TeamSpeak for the best experience possible. If we don’t we can choose Messenger, WhatsApp or any other chat app. These days we have a lot of options and we should choose the best one for us.